Wind is just hills in gaseous form…

Wind is just hills in gaseous form… I freaking love this. I wish I could say I was that cool and creative but alas, I am not. A friend I rode with quoted this to me today and I think he said he stole it from someone else. Genius though. I will use this a lot going forward!!

Riddle me this though… if you’re climbing a hill in the wind, what is it now? A vortex?? I also can’t claim that. My sister had the answer to that question. 😂🤣

Well, it was an insanely warm and beautiful weekend. Like, 70 degrees!!! But it was windy. I scheduled two rides with the team, one on Saturday for mountain bikes and one on Sunday for road bikes. I think Sunday was less windy, at least less gusty. But seriously, not even kidding, at one point riding down Green Mountain on Saturday, I swear the wind picked me up off the trail and just relocated me to the downside of a hill. Sheesh. By some miracle I didn’t tumble down. Just awkwardly landed on my hip in front of a random guy I just passed. Smh. The wind was so violent we actually cut the ride short by about 6-8 miles (had a total of 20 miles). All of us were tired of getting beat up by the wind!!!

Sunday’s ride, like I said, in my opinion way better. But the wind was still a bit demoralizing. We did an awesome loop and about 40 miles in people cut it short (again, getting beat up by wind) and I just couldn’t bring myself to go home. So I kept riding. Wtf was I thinking?! I ended up with over 70 miles and was just toast. I crawled up the hill over to the top of bear Creek and barely held 12 mph on flats with the wind in my face. So frustrating!! Pretty sure I just hadn’t eaten well either, but my body hurt!!

But, at the end of all this… damn… really freaking awesome weekend of riding. Even with the gaseous hills!! Now I listen to the wind starting to howl and blow as a cold front descends upon us!!

Sunshine and tan lines baby!
Saturday mountain bike crew!!
Sunday’s road crew!!

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