Leadville… so this is happening…

Yeah, so back at the beginning of December I did this silly thing and put my name in the Lottery for the Leadville Trail 100 MTB. Basically I was like, ok, if I don’t get in… whatever! And if I do get in… Shit. I feel like in some ways I was kind of hoping I wouldn’t get in.

Well, I got in. Shit.

I am not sure yet if I’m excited or scared. It’s 7 months away, but I KNOW it will creep up fast. I think talking about some logistics have helped with the excitement part a little bit, but I’m not quite sure it has sunk in yet. Hahaha!!

After putting my name in the Lottery , I had been toying with the idea of rejoining my bike team and did so a couple weeks ago as my dear readers know from a previous post. And I already feel like that’s a good move. I have a ton of friends to ride with, but a few teammates also got in to Leadville. So it’ll be good to have all these people for just fun rides, training rides, logistical planning, and all that jazz.

So really, this year will be an adventure!! I’m not 100% sure what races I’ll be doing in prep for it, but I have a big calendar going at home for the visual aspect and to keep things in sight and all and pretty soon here I’ll probably start registering for races. Big and Small.

In the meantime… shitty January can kiss my ass (maybe I’ll write about that in a couple days). Ending the stupid month on a good note and going in to the next phase. Yeeeaaaahhhh buddy!! Hahah… it’s gonna be a wild ride!!!

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