Snow Adventures

February is one of the snowiest months in Colorado… and low and behold, it’s holding true to form. We had a fun little system that came through and gave us a run for our money. Closing schools and dropping waaayyyy more snow than was anticipated!! So Friday, we did what every proper family does on a snow day and we went sledding!!

Marley and her cousin… she kept putting her feet down because he threatened to push her.
Marley discovered she could slide down the hill on her belly… so she ditched the sled for a few of her runs!!
Never lose your childlike nature. Go sled!!
Me and my sister hitting the hill together. We got going pretty fast. And she blocked all the snow blow back for me. That was awesome!!

Saturday the sun came back out, and it actually warmed up and was beautiful out!! So my sister and I decided to go snowshoeing at Ridgeline. The kids has never been and while my nephew ditched the snowshoes altogether, Marley loved it and led the way most of the 2 mile hike.

The leader!
This is my caught of guard face. 🤣😂
Me and my sis
Break/snack time is a critical time for some.

Another storm system moved in on Sunday dropping even more snow, so Marley and I decided we wanted some more snowshoeing, so we went up to Evergreen to snowshoe with Jennie. It was actively snowing pretty much the whole time and the sun was trying to break free through the clouds. And fluffy piles of snow was on the trees and the ground was soft and barely trodden. It was truly a beautiful day… and Marley left talking about how fun it was. So, win!!!

Such soft fluffy snow everywhere!!
Unedited photo…. just… beautiful.
Gummy bear fuel break and selfie time
Jennie goofs off in photos more than me… and that says a lot I feel like. 🤣😂
Soooo much snow!!!

One thought on “Snow Adventures

  1. I’ve never heard that before but really appreciate that comment. As someone who likes to climb but hates riding in the wind that sentiment provides a new perspective. One that I think might change my attitude about windy riding days! Thanks!


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