Time to Race Again!!

Reflecting back on the last year, it’s admittedly been rough. But I think the wonderful thing about reflection is you get to look back and take note of the things that troubled you, the things you loved, and then plan forward for how you want to change things going forward.

I took the last two years to do more running and a break from bike racing and definitely enjoyed the down time. If we want to call it that. I’m not sure running an ultra was really down time. Ha!! But the last couple months I had been contemplating returning to bike racing. I pulled the trigger back in December and put my name in the lottery for the Leadville 100 Mtb (lottery drawing is Sunday) and started thinking about the big shit I want to do this year.

I was on pedal Racing the first year of its inception, when I first started racing bikes. Then I went to the Cyclist Lawyer my second year. And back to pedal Racing where I developed/created the women’s team and also brought in some of the biggest sponsors the team ever had (before now). Pedal Racing is now Physio Racing, whose title sponsor is Physio Room, an amazing sports physical therapy office run by Chris Robl (one of the big sponsors I acquired in my years on the board).

One of my biggest misses being away from racing, as nice as it’s been, has been the loss of the community. It is truly wonderful when racing to have a team behind you to support you. People to train with and glean information from. I have a wonderful group of friends to help with much of that, but the team dynamic is truly something different and special.

So, I decided to get back on the wagon, and I rejoined my team!! Although not pedal Racing, it’s still the same “family” and I’m super excited for what this next year has to offer. I am going to do some amazing and fun mtb races and have wonderful times with a team learning, and training, and developing. I’ve been welcomed back with such enthusiasm and warmth from those that know me, which is like icing on the cake!!

I can’t wait for the next year!! 🤩🤩🤩

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