Connectedness, Especially in a Pandemic

In case you’ve been living in a bunker like the family in the 90s movie Blast from the Past… you may have seen that we’re living in a very strange and different time. Since early this year, we’ve been living a horrible pandemic. One that’s swiftly been taking the lives of many, especially the most vulnerable. People have taken different types of approach to this pandemic, some hunker down, don’t socialize AT all. Some don’t take precautions at all. Some wear masks all the time, some only when in places the law mandates it. And then there’s all the in between. I’ve personally worked hard not to judge people and their choices. These are unprecedented circumstances and it seems the information and protocol has constantly been changing.

But I think one thing we can all agree on, is whether by our own choices or not, we aren’t seeing our friends and family like we used to. There’s this separation and loneliness right now, and it’s just exhausting. I personally just miss this feeling connected to people.

Somewhere about 6-8 weeks ago, I started trying to prioritize my interactions with people. Meaning, have active and engaged communications. Not so “passive” I guess. Social media is tough… it’s hard to feel a true sense of connectedness. But I have been trying to be more engaging, more interactive. Then, several weeks ago now, I removed myself from Facebook (deleted the app from my phone). And now there’s an even larger gap for me in some ways. But, then I started texting people. I talk to friends almost all day, every day. And it feels good! Sometimes it is small talk. Nothing major. Sometimes it’s just a how are you doing, how’s life, work, etc…. but I love the connections I’m feeling now. And I love just even those small interactions with friends. It’s not easy… because it means deliberate thought and engaged communication. It’s not just hitting a kudos/like button.

I don’t know… it’s probably not just Pandemic time that calls for this type of interaction. Really, we should be trying to nurture relationships better. In this world of social media it’s so easy to stay passively engaged and it just doesn’t bring me the same joy.

So!! If I haven’t texted you yet. Text me. Call me. I’d love to hear from you!!

2 thoughts on “Connectedness, Especially in a Pandemic

  1. Love this Lydia! I feel like a lot of my Facebook friends are acquaintances. Phone numbers, texting, calling and more importantly getting together is where deep friendships are rooted. Both are great but I definitely enjoy the deep friendships! I’m thankful you and I are friends!

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