Makeup when working out

So how many time have you gone to the gym and thought damn, that girl looks good during her workout?? Wait… she had makeup on?! All sweaty and gross, but she’s got pretty eyes or it looks like she curled her hair before she put it in a ponytail. I’m totally guilty of those judgements. However, I’m also the girl who will put on makeup before a workout.

“Why” you ask, “Because I’ll be getting sweaty right, so why bother”?! Well, I’m glad you asked, thank you! I do it because it makes me feel better about how I look. Plain and simple. I’m not looking to impress anyone or look for my next husband so gotta make sure my appearance is on point. No…. I do it because it’s about my self perception.

Now we could talk all day long about that right?! That’s a whole other Oprah!! Oh man. We are our own worse enemy though, right? We beat ourselves up about the shape of our face, that extra padding in the love handles. The length of our arms. Whatever. It’s definitely a problem. However, if I can put on eye makeup and feel like I look pretty. Is that so bad?

I don’t think we should condemn women for applying their makeup or doing their hair before hitting the gym, jumping on a bike, or whatever we do…. we should feel comfortable and happy with our appearance, EVEN if it means applying makeup. If it boosts our self esteem, our confidence, or makes us feel good, then why not??

So just a little something to think about next time you see a girl a little more done up for her workout…. 🤩

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