So How About This for Adventure?!

Life really is an adventure isn’t it?? It doesn’t follow a script. It doesn’t follow any sort of prescribed story line. It just is this crazy, free flowing river of decisions, choices, fate, destiny, or whatever you want to attach to it.

When I was 18 I got married, I was very naive, immature, and frankly lacking in common sense. Then shortly after I turned 19, I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl, Victoria. Now at nearly 18 years old, she’s a helluva lot smarter and more mature than I was. Gosh. I probably wasn’t where she is now until I was in my mid 20s!!! I was a hot mess haha!!

Now, my baby girl, I’m SO proud to announce, is going to be a mama herself. That’s right, Victoria and Garrett will be welcoming their wee one in to this world on or about August 4th. And I could not be more excited!!

I’m going to have a little moment and get on my pedestal for a minute… I know what people’s initial reactions are. And I will tell you right now, I don’t accept pity, judgement, or any other form of emotion other than shared elation. I had a pregnancy when I was a teen, younger than her. And the emotional and mental trauma I went through is absolutely nothing I will allow her to endure. I will admit, I personally have had to do some work on myself since finding this out because everything I had my own demons that haunted me. But, she will be only slightly younger than I was when I had her, and she’s vastly more more responsible and prepared and a baby in this circumstance is something I eagerly welcome in to this family. Garrett and Victoria are a beautiful and mature couple who are going to make wonderful parents. My heart is full and happy!! Seeing that baby dancing (yes, it is an active little thing) on the screen a couple weeks ago made me beyond excited!!!

Now… the most important question I have at this point… since I’ll be a young 37 years old when they welcome this sweet, little one in to this world, what pray tell shall I be called? Grandma is out of the question. Gigi? Mimi? I don’t know… something fun and young but easily pronounceable since it’ll be the baby’s first word!! 🤣😂

One thought on “So How About This for Adventure?!

  1. I had just turned 18 in April and had Tara in July. I was seven months preggo when I graduated high school. I am very happy I had my children young! I too experienced many negative comments or expressions. Now Tara is your Mom’s age! Lol! Don’t worry about the negative there is SO much positive! Focus on that! Congrats Victoria and Garrett! The journey has just begun. Oh what a journey it is! Lol! Enjoy every minute of it!


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