Adventure Weekend

So, I’m super late posting this. Had it sitting in draft all week!! So I’ll parse it down a bit as I have something else I want to write about. Hahah!!

So yeah, last weekend, I went in to the weekend with this idea that I really needed an adventure. Like, not just needed, but NEEDED… increased stress and anxiety = NEED. Hahah!! I’ve had a little too much going on in my head and in my “emotional” life the last few weeks and haven’t been dealing with all of it very well… and being the person I am, my mechanism for coping with these sorts of things is to just move until I just can’t move anymore. Well, mission accomplished. Saturday in particular I literally drove myself in to the ground. I was looking at some of my Strava (activity tracker) stats today an determined that increased my activity substantially. Not only did I take my running from an average of 7 miles per week to 25 miles this week, but my activity overall has been increasing, especially this week. The time totals on the left of the picture, that only counts in running and biking unfortunately. The +XT listed is the cross training, like climbing and those numbers I looked up. So this just shows how much more activity I’ve clearly been getting!!!

Alright, so after all that… if you’re interested. Here’s how the weekend broke down:
Saturday Run, Ride, Climb
Sunday Run, Shop, Hike

My friend Laura and I kicked the weekend off with a helluva run on Saturday. We’d gotten some snow on Friday, but it was seemingly insignificant. So we didn’t really think twice about it when we made our plan Friday night to do a 13 mile run on Green Mountain. Well, we quickly realized just 20 minutes into said “run”, that running was not going to be happening. We were out there early enough that nobody had been out yet (there was one guy that left the parking lot about five min before us) and the mountain got way more snow than we’d anticipated. We trudged through ankle to knee deep snow the entire “run”. We kept going in hopes that maybe the top would be better. Ok, no… well maybe the east side will be better. No? Ok well surely the south side will be better. No. LOL. It seemingly never ended. We did get a chance to run, like real run, probably 15-20% of the time. But we only ended up with 8 miles in the three hours that we were out. But frankly, it was harder than if we’d ran the 13 miles. So we were really quite ok with it.

After the run, I grabbed a Santiagos burrito from the gas station and took one to my sister before heading home… where I promptly changed, grabbed my fatbike, and headed down to Ridgeline. I’d heard some more favorable reports coming from those trails, so I was hoping that it would work out. Well… it was better, but it was still kind of a shit show. The trails out there had equal amount dirt, snow pack, and deep powder. And it was that powder that doesn’t make down… so it just sucked my wheels. I was able to power through a significant amount, but not enough. I walked my bike a bunch. Hahaha… so I only ended up with 6 miles I think it was, but meh… it was fun.

Post ride I visited with friends Dan and Dawn and enjoyed some of their home brew while they were brewing some new beer and then headed home.

Next up. Climbing with my buddy Jon. I got to the climbing gym before him and so I tried warming my arms up on some boulder problems… just easy ones. And I could tell right away I was going to be a shit show. LOL. When Jon was ready we went over to top rope… I managed to squeak out a couple 10a’s, but eventually even 5.8s were hard. I was so glad when 745 hit (2 hrs of climbing) and we could call it quits and go grab grub.

I slept like a freaking rock Saturday night and woke up with tight muscles and overwhelming fatigue. But it was the first time in over a week I didn’t wake up from sore teeth from grinding them all night! Hahaha!!! I think this activity thing is working!!!

Knowing that the trail sucked yesterday, Laura and I agreed to a pavement run Sunday morning. Sadly, the pavement we chose was wildly icy. So we picked our way up and over the Dinosaur Ridge hogback a few times before finally getting sick of all the sliding and twisty ankles.

I took it relatively easy on Sunday after that, went to Cherry Creek Mall to find a dress for a work gala… which omg, did you know formal dresses weighed like a million pounds?! I ended up with far less formal short dresses from H&M for $15 each. I plan on attempting to dress them up with jewelry and heels in hopes that achieves the desired amount of formality. HA. We’ll see how that goes.

Highlight of the weekend though… seriously. Sunday night. It was the Super Wolf Blood Moon lunar eclipse. My friend Dan down in Castle Rock coordinated a hike with a bunch of folks during the eclipse… and OMG was it a blast!!! Remember just my last blog I said I wanted to do a night hike?? Well, I got it, and it was so amazing. I really can’t wait to do that again… I actually did do it again… Wednesday night. HHAHA… but I’m in for more of those. Really an incredible experience.

I’ve been taking it SOOOOO easy this week, that’s usually what happens. So no huge plans or major events this weekend. I’m sure I’ll scope out some new, fun, exciting shenanigans for the following weekend. Just you watch… 🙂

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