The Night Ride Phenomenon

Have you ever been on a night ride? Maybe a run? What about a night hike? I’ve never done a night hike… I’ve always thought it would be a blast. I’m a wuss and would be terrified, but get a big group together and do a night hike?! Oh my god that’d be a blast!!! Who’s in??

I did a night run once. It was during the deeper part of my self transformation a couple years ago. The same year I went to Belize and Guatemala alone. That year I challenged myself do things that scared me and pushed me outside my comfort zone. Anyway, I started at dusk and ran in to the darkness, alone. It was terrifying. But fun. I haven’t done it since, but again, with a few people, that could be blast!!

Now night rides. That’s something I’m very familiar with. I’ve been on dozens and dozens of night rides. There’s something magical and adventurous about a night ride. Everyone slaps a light on their helmet and handlebars and pedals off in to the darkness. Unable to see what lies beyond the line of your light. The landscape changes. A trail that you know like the back of your hand can turn unfamiliar and foreign. The rocks that are normally unassuming suddenly seems so much more treacherous. It’s all very exciting!

I ride with a wonderful group of guys down in Castle Rock periodically (sometimes there are a couple gals that show up – Sam I need you more!) and they have a regular Wednesday night ride. I was itching for a night ride and to see the crew. So despite trying to still keep this cold out of my body and dealing with some personal battles the last several days, I absolutely knew I knew I’d benefit from it. The trails were a little icy in places but nothing terrible. My lungs proved to be quite angry indeed, and guess what?! I remembered my inhaler!! So it came in good use. As did the Fireball I still had in my bag from the BEERD Belly ride. Haha! But it was fun. I took up the rear and stopped multiple times to try and capture the magic… the line of lights trailing up the hill. It can look incredible! Sadly the iPhone camera doesn’t do great night photos, so a lot of the pictures I took just didn’t turn out well. But with the combination of awesome company, chasing the boys and pushing my body despite its protests, and the thrill and excitement of riding in the dark… it was a blast of an evening.

So seriously, if you haven’t had a night time adventure before. Consider it. Hit me up of course… I’m always always up for adventure!!! It truly does transform the experience.

The washed out faces group photo is photo cred Mark P… the selfie master. 🤣😂 I told him to knock off the selfies for a bit so he’s not in this one. 🤪

2 thoughts on “The Night Ride Phenomenon

  1. Oh man, I have to tell you, that would be something I would love to do. I guess one time I did hike in the dark… I started at 4am to go up Mt Yale. But watching the sunrise from a peak like that is a dream I’ve not realized yet. Some day!! SO many adventures to be had!!


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